Van Swigchem Design

...Everyone wants something unique, this is where VanSwigchemDesign comes in....

Unique versatile artist ; Contemporary (Paper)Art, & Dutch Design 

Surface Design, Special Graphic Design, Photography and more......

Contemporary Art & Dutch Design  

Jan Willem van Swigchem is a versatile artist. His trademark is creativity. As a self-made artist he creates surprising designs with original starting points & perspectives. He has always had an eye for the unusual, has developed several techniques himself.

All his pieces are one of a kind, just as no two leaves of a tree are the same.This exclusive design style guarantees the customer a unique product.

As an artist he produces work in the following disciplines:
• Art: paper reliefs, templates and mixed media
• Applied art: surface design and (special) graphic design
• Photography: nature, architecture and abstract

Besides all this, he is a teacher ..... in percussion..

VanSwigchemDesign has a very special way in graphic design, results are in a array of subjects, in his own peticular style(s); Free works, CG Illustration, Decorative, Fractal, Tessalations, Geometric and many more. Specialised in many ways, feature the 'patine', the visual appearence. Design with a touch & feel!

Special Graphics Design


P E R F E C T T E X ® is a brand of VANSWIGCHEMDESIGN  specialised in wrappingpaper. Design in an array of styles, infinity variety, an ever growing database to choose from. Soon available in the webshop.

Did you become enthousistic and curious! I will be glad to answer all your questions regarding any VSD product or  service. Please feel free to send me a message by email. Thank you for your Interest!

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