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Hi, my name is Jan Willem van Swigchem, i am a versatile artist. My trademark is creativity. As a self-made artist I create surprising designs with original starting points & perspectives. I’ve always had an eye for the unusual, I have developed several techniques myself. What’s more, all my pieces are unique... as no two leaves of a tree are the same. This own design style guaranties the customer a unique product.

As an artist I produce work in the following disciplines:
• paper reliefs, templates and mixed media
• applied art: surface design and (special)graphic design
• photography: nature, architecture and abstract

• Besides all this I am a music teacher

I create paper art, mathematically inspired and very precisely executed. People often do not believe they are handmade. By inspecting them closely  you will see minimal imperfections. My art originate purely intuitively.
Applied art: I produce computer generated surface design. These designs can be printed on all kinds of surfaces. With the current technology, almost anything is possible. I sell my designs for application on textiles such as upholstery, tableware, glass bowls, table tops. All design is unique, produced on demand as one of a kind. Personal or corporate series on demand are possible as well. Please feel free to contact me.

Op zoek naar een origineel design voor je huis of je werkplek? Bij Van Swigchem Design vind je een schat aan verrassende ontwerpen die je op allerlei manieren kunt toepassen: op textiel, keramiek, glas, papier, hout en nog veel meer, vraag naar de mogelijkheden.

Art & Applied Arts

Pattern & Surface Design

Van Swigchem Design is an excellent partner in design and assignments from you. As a thinker out of the box & a designer with great originality you are guaranteed a unique product.

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Paper Art:

Interaction with light & shadow. VanSwigchemDesign creates paper art, or paper templates, mathematically inspired and very precisely by hand executed. People often do not believe they are handmade. By inspecting them closely you will see minimal imperfections. The art originate purely intuitively. The artist is fascinated by point, line, plane, rhythm, light & shadow. With these elements the possibilities are definitely endless. No lack of inspiration!

The way the paper art is made, triggers the observer he or she has to become active, to see or not to see that is the question. All artworks are one of a kind, as no two leaves of a tree are the same, like so the paper artworks.

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The point of view. VanSwigchemDesign is specialised in photography of nature, architecture, landscape and free work. The well trained eyes are able to surprise the observer by detail or by sense of humor. Key to the photographs; composition & light.

Special project 2018  an exposition, a symbiose between haiku made by Joy Misa inspired on photos by VanSwigchemDesign.

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Special Graphic Design

VanSwigchemDesign has a very special way in graphic design, results are in a array of subjects and in his own peticular style(s); Free work CG Illustration, Decorative, Fractal, Tessalations, Geometric and more. Specialised in many ways, feature the 'patine', the visual appearence in the design. Design with a touch & feel!

The Designer: I like to see myself as a painter like in the era of  Still Life painting in the 17th century only now I donot use paint but I make use of all digital possibilities. I have lots of inspiration in an array of subjects as well as pure fantasy.

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Digital Textures: Decay

VanSwigchemDesign is specialised in the making of CG textures which add a lot of fine to very fine detail to any project. Like in real life every material is liable to decay. This can result in f.e.; stains of rust, oxide, paint, wear and tear, like cracks, holes, bumps etc. These textures can be used like brushes or blend-ins thus giving your artwork a real finesse. Standing out in the crowd.

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