VSD | Special Graphic Design

VSD  stands out in Graphic Design by the way it is made, the touch & feel of the design. Therefore it is called Special Graphic Design. A lot of fine to very fine details to be seen and an original point of view in/with the design/ing.  All design has a blanco starting point, a white screen.

VSD has an outstanding toolkit of software, a plethora of special software and filters alternative to Adobe suite. As designer VSD has a thorough knowledge in/for style, color, composition besides being an ‘out of the box thinker. VSD makes original design, very versatile in topics.

To name a few; decorative, geometric, tessalations, cirkel designs, fractal, ornaments, CG Illustrations and much, much more. Of course VSD as well can make more common graphic design like; invitations, logo, housestyle, cards, brochures and much more. For queries please contact VSD

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