Jan Willem van Swigchem


Jan Willem van Swigchem: “I am fascinated by very basic elements in nature like; point, line and plane. This in combination with everydays rhythm of life accentuated in light & shadow together with the factor time gives me enough inspiration to examen this matter. Keywords; To look, to observe & to see. Focus on the perception of perspectives.

First perception of perspective: when walking the beach, it is possible to encounter & discover a beautiful shell just washed ashore. Still wet, immaculate design, a play between point, line and plane, structure and colour. All this only possible to be seen thanks to light. This shell is like a piece of art. A splendid design and although there are billions to be found on earth none is simular one another. A miracle!

An second perception of perspective: suppose we make us selves supersmall and project our selves on top of the shell, this shell becomes a landscape we are standing in. The design in structure and colour give we will fantasize in imagining rivers, mountains and all inbetween.

A third perception of perspective: imagine to study, to observe the shell with help of a microscope, in this case we are able to see its secret in and of its construction, the layers of calcium which forms the shell. The base.
To see or not to see, that is the question.