Van Swigchem Design | Paper Art

AGENDA: 2019

December 2018 t/m 3 februari 2019 internationale groeps expositie
in Galerie Bos Fine Art, Korte Vijverberg 2, te Den Haag

16 februari t/m 10 maart 2019 groeps expositie ‘Abstract’
VKK in het Ambachts en Baljuwhuis te Voorschoten

27 april t/m 19 mei 5x Duo tentoonstelling
VKK in het Ambachs en Baljuwhuis te Voorschoten

22 t/m 26 mei 2019 “Essentie” expositie in het teken van Bauhaus
Dingemanshuys te Utrecht

23 augustus t/m 2 oktober 2019 expositie bij Galerie de Ruimte
te Geldrop(NBr.)

9 t/m 13 oktober 2019 expositie in het teken van Bauhaus
Zonnestraal, Hilversum

18 oktober t/m 8 december  2019 groeps expositie
in de Beeldentuin te Gees, Drente

AGENDA: 2020

Februari 2020 Solo expositie Galerie Arti Shock te Rijswijk(ZH)

Paper Art of Jan Willem van Swigchem

The paper reliëfs are based on studies in form and perspective(s) The works are interactive in the way of observation. In average mankind do notice a lot of things by looking at, but not always is the result a true seeing, in real(time) The artwork interact with the observer(s). Not only does the observer has to look, he/she has to see. To quote Shakespeare with a twist: ‘to see or not to see that is the question’. Because of the used techniques the artwork shift patterns all the time. Every new point of view creates a new perception on and in the perspective of the artwork. All artwork is made by hand. Why? Artist:  I.m.h.o. art is besides having one or more concepts, also based on true skill(s). VSD state the only perfection is the imperfection.
To explain this principle “imperfection is the real perfection”:

Look at a tree full of leaves, what do you see? Every specie his own features, which mankind knows by knowledge. Leaves do have a special form, a special colour, the trunk has its typical features as in the overall shape. Also it does have a certain behaviour throughout the season(s). So you see this tree, suppose it is an nice old American Oak. The tree is shaped by trunk and branches and is held by its not seen roots. The structure, all over it is “filled with” the so specific leaves, you hardly see them individually, they all look the same, but they are not, not at all. That is imperfection. The eyes are fouled, all leaves looks the same, but of course, they’re not. We actually foul ourselves.

An other very logic element which plays an important role in and with the artwork is light. Without light there is non to be seen. Light creates shadow(s). shadow(s) play an very important role in this paper art.
Shadow and the real form make connections, they often make illusions interpret by our brains as being real.

“…what do I see…., “….I have to look again”…,”…maybe from an other angle…” and…..”yes I have seen it all right….”  huh, now i see something different…”are often heard phrases by observers.

Artist statement:

Nature is a great source of inspiration in my work. The way a river finds its way into the landscape, tree bark, leaves, insects, the beauty of nature mesmerizes me. I can look at these things for hours. I can get lost in their forms. If only you look thoroughly and long enough, a tree bark becomes a ravine or you can wander in a snail’s shell. The only thing you have to do is to imagine yourself bigger or smaller compared to the object. By expanding your visual field, you explore the limits of a phenomenon. Then you discover pattern and rhythm in the chaos of colours and unexpected figures. It all depends on the way you look at it.

Precisely that is the main theme of my work, the place of the observer, the incidence of light, the texture, the many layers of form and colour, they all contribute to the fact that the artwork changes all the time, a game of distances and proportions to intrigue the observer.

VSD Artworks are in many private & corporate collections worldwide.

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